Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Voice

Sometimes I struggle,
To hear my own voice,
To know what’s from me,
And what’s external noise.

Sometimes it’s hard,
To hear my own mind,
To know what I want,
And what to leave behind.

Sometimes I wonder,
Was that my choice?
Or something another.
Said, over my voice.

Sometimes I wonder,
Where I would be,
If no one else’s thoughts mattered
And I did things for me.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Easy Way

I wish there was an easy way,
To say, Hei Hei!
And a leave without a peep.

I wish there was an easy way,
One without a price to pay,
Or a price that’s not so steep.

I want to take different road,
One that goes away.
A road that brings me somewhere new,
Where I want to stay.

I want to take a different road,
Problem is I’m told,
If you take a different road,
Some will likely scold.

But if the way was easy,
And my burdens here were light,
Then perhaps I would not learn as much,
Or understand the plight.