Saturday, October 6, 2012


When wrong is right and right tonight,
Yesterdays troubles are not as bright.
Live for the moment and the moment alone,
Tomorrow’s Tomorrow and Tomorrow’s unknown.

When bad is good, the bad within,
Comes to the surface and seems to win.
Control is lost and when without,
The world is full of fear and doubt.

Guard yourself, Guard yourself with care,
Make sure you know who you are and where.
Hurt is sneaky, it’s tricky, it’s sly,
You may only catch it in the corner of your eye.

Cause nothing’s so dark as the cloud of disappointment,
Even if you just let your guard down for only a moment.
It seeps in your life like a cold from within,
Dragging you down and making life grim.

No river’s as harsh as the one below,
High expectations, met with a “No."

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