Thursday, November 29, 2012

There's a Little White Church

There’s a little white church on a quiet county road,
It holds many secrets and stories to be told.
There are many wooden pews, worn and used,
Filled by people with the same old views.

There’s a little white church filled with voices,
And a congregation that makes the same choices.
The wooden floors, show the treads,
Where people walk and children are wedged.

There’s a little white church where many are married,
And then later on, children are carried.
The metal rails on the sides of the step,
Have kids hanging right and left.

There’s a little white church, where many gather,
To hear the a sermon and lots of chatter,
Dresses and skirts, ties and shirts,
Marking the Sabbath and a day for church.

There’s a little white church that filled with singing,
Songs and hymns with the organ ringing.
Words that calm me, make me feel safe,
Words of joy, of love, of wrath.

There’s a little white church that fills my past,
Memories and ways that are bound to last.
Ideas with which I don’t agree,
But things that are special cause they make me, me. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

You're Welcome

You’re welcome to bring up Church,
But you better not question it.
You’re welcome to talk about what other churches believe,
But you better not believe it.
You’re welcome to question beliefs,
But you better be satisfied with the answers you get.
You’re welcome to come to church,
But you better be wearing a dress and no makeup.
You’re welcome to go to school,
But you better not let it interfere with you raising kids.
You’re welcome to have non-believer friends,
But church friends are your real friends.
You are welcome in our home,
But you better Believe.